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Zynga became popular with the help of Facebook

Zynga is one of the oldest and most well-known names in the field of social games. Zynga has been known to the world as a great game maker since 2007 and from that day till now they have created great games one after the other. All these games were hits throughout the world with millions of people playing them on daily basis. Zynga became popular with the help of Facebook. Its games that were integrated into Facebook did really well. Farmville is the most popular game created by Zynga.

Another game that has been quite famous for a really long time is Zynga Poker. People know this amazing game with different names; some call it Texas Hold'em Poker while other calls it Zynga Hold'em Poker. No matter what name you know this game by, it is the best Poker game without doubt. So why is Mr Pincus swinging the axe? The answer is that Zynga built its business model around desktop-computer gaming, which was all the rage in the years after the firm was founded in 2007. In particular, Zynga flourished by leveraging Facebook's applications platform to reach hordes of new users. But more and more social gaming is now taking place on fast-growing mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablet computers, where Zynga is far weaker.

The way you can counter these players is by learning how to be patience. Just wait around and see what the people at the table are doing and if they are doing it repetitively. Once you got the hang of their “strategies” you should start betting when you have good hands. This will demoralize them and they will make more mistakes after which you can empty them of their chips and send them home crying. You win at this game by being patience, using strategy and using your position to your advantage.

Now, I'm a pro at online poker so I'm sort of biased with my review. I did introduce the game to a newcomer to the game to get their perspective. The objective is simple - well, “simple.” Whoever has the best hand wins the pot. My friend has known that for a long time, but struggled in learning what exactly makes a “good hand”. Thankfully Zynga Poker does have a few in-game hints and tips which helped her out as she went along.

Only go all in when you are sure you have the best hand, want to stop a player chasing a straight or a flush, or have very little chips. Going all in, all the time will label you as a bad player and is a sure fire way to lose chips over time. Claim free chips by playing Zynga poker everyday. Make as many poker buddies as possible by chatting to others and being friendly. Poker buddies can send free gifts and chips to each other. Claim free collectibles which will give a player chips and experience. Use challenges as your poker buddies grow to earn more chips and experience.

Another big issue which I want to say about this Zynga Poker is it is not a free game. Yes, you have with this game mentioned as “free” but the fact that they regularly sell players additional chips. In a live Poke game, you can add onto your stack but you cannot get 100,000 times your money when you do so. Also you will find some tags like “Want to buy 36 Million in chips? Just pay 75 bucks and you are set.” Well, where does this strategy come in? It was actually stated to be a free game but when you can sit down to play in a table and play any way you want by paying some amount which really makes it to care about going worst.

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