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There are some flaws in Zynga Poker

I've recently found myself addicted to playing online Texas Hold 'Em. I've always played the occasional game of poker with friends over the years, but until a couple of days ago - after a recent trip to Las Vegas - I never tried playing online. It didn't take more than a couple of games to feel hooked, though. Considering my recent discovery of the absorbing world of online Texas Hold 'Em, I was excited to review Zynga Poker. Zynga Poker is an iOS version of the popular online flash game by the same title. The app is fully integrated with Zynga's Facebook version, allowing gamers to easily play with their Facebook friends on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Of course, players can choose to experience Zynga Poker as a guest, without logging into their Facebook profile, but the experience is greatly enhanced by logging in.

As for flaws, the game has several. 'Zynga Poker' crashes almost every time I open it, even though when I open it a second time it works. The game doesn't crash all that often after I first open it, but when it does it always seems that I might have a good hand. There also seems to be a bug in the sound sometime too, where it doubles up the noises. So when you hear the whoosh of someone folding, you actually get two whooshes in a row. Doesn't sound like a big deal? The skewed audio can be pretty deceiving. Players have two options for competition. One is to play in a tournament with eight or nine people, the other is to just play tables with different blind amounts. And while you'll find skilled and poor players in every game, the really bad ones navigate near the bottom of the 'Zynga Poker' food chain.

“We are going back to our roots in social,and players will find that the new Zynga Poker delivers entirely new layers of social, making it easier for you and your friends to join the same table and instantly connect,” said Clive Downie, Zynga's chief operating officer, in a blog post today. The key at the beginning, Giovanello said, was to forget about seven years of constraints and embrace an “authentic Vegas-style experience.” The title isn't necessarily about being realistic, but about being who you want to be. The new sophisticated look, accompanied by rich animations promises to give your eyes a feast, while the new intuitive lobby remembers how you play allowing you to find your favorite table faster.

The betting controls have been improved, so now you have smarter controls purpose built for your fingertips. The different reward schemes mean that you now stand a chance to win up to 3,000,000 chips daily with the lucky bonus slots. Zynga Poker provides a stunning graphics and an exemplary user interface. Once after successful installation, launch of application brings you directly on the table in a no wait time. It lets one play casual Texas Hold 'Em or tournament play. The app permits to join one's friend table and start playing with a simple tap on the button. Besides this you can buy a round of drinks for everyone at the table to experience a real game ambience. The game provides a play safe section located in settings to keep a user account safe from any unauthorized access.

Real money Zynga Poker will share the same international player pool that makes PartyPoker the largest poker network in the world, and (distant) second only to PokerStars in terms of player pool size. If we look at Zynga poker's numbers in depth, in 2012 Poker Scout compares Zynga Poker to real money poker sites and the numbers are staggering.

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