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The slots in DoubleDown Casino seem so pointless with nothing to strive for

If you've ever tried your hand at social casino games, then the chances are that you've tried your hand at DoubleDown Casino. Such is the importance of the casino platform on Facebook that you may well have seen our recent feature covering IGT's latest earnings where the biggest success story of the entire financial report was the absolutely massive growth of DoubleDown, both in terms of players and revenue. Now, as one of the truly standout casino apps on Facebook, we're going to take a look at what DoubleDown is all about, including where it fits in, how it works and how you can take your social gaming and casino gaming in general to the next level.

Earn rewards for leveling up on DoubleDown Casino - free online or app game - DoubleDown Casino Game: Play Slots, Poker, Roulette, and More addition to the Blackjack, Slots, and Roulette, DoubleDown Casino offers Game King? Video Poker and Bingo. It's free to play, and there is no locked content. When you sign up, you receive 1 Million Free Chips to play with, plus you can spin daily to earn more free chips and the more you play, the faster you earn free chips every time you level up. But it's the social component that makes this game different. You can play against other players in the Poker room where the games are for serious players that are looking for opponents with like skills.

I found myself in over my head in the first Texas Hold ‘Em room I sat down in - I mistakenly chose a fast paced game - so I immediately folded and moved on. It's not a place for a newbie like me, but for you skilled poker players out there you'll find the poker games exhilarating. Being new to online casino games is ok, you don't need to be an expert and everyone is welcome to play. You can play with your friends all in one place, anytime, anywhere. I find that DoubleDown Casino gives you the experience of playing to win and feeling the thrill of taking a chance and even winning.

I like that you can play from anywhere, meaning you can use all different devices, using your mobile, tablet or computer. I think my favorite are the slots, and apparently they are the most popular DoubleDown Casino games. Since IGT has such a deep portfolio of popular games, I wanted to take an in-depth look at their offering to see what kind of online games we can expect from them, both now and in the future. If you log in to the casino as a guest, you will be awarded $200,000 in free chips to play. If you instead log in using your Facebook credentials, you will start with $1,000,000 in chips and your balance will be tracked from day to day. Each day that you visit the casino, you will be awarded bonus chips.

Here we are, another mobile game where developers take winning Vegas style games and take out all the joy of actual betting just so they can get published on the App Store and Google Play Store, which have heavy restrictions on gambling. What gamers end up receiving are the leftovers of a fun game, and I'm mostly talking about the slots. For a game that's seemingly so focused on the slots aspect of Vegas casino games, DoubleDown Casino's slots just seem so pointless with nothing to strive for. You can't unlock more content by earning more money to put in your savings, so there was not enough incentive to continue playing. I was throwing around supposedly big sums of money, dropping $500K or $1M on rounds like it was nothing, and it seems that this is a problem most mobile game developers have largely ignored when it comes to casino apps.

DoubleDown Casino certainly doesn't reinvent the wheel; in fact, it does very little to stand out from the crowd of free, online gambling sims. It does add a few neat features for Facebook fans, such as a coin system that allows you to purchase tickets for high-stakes lotteries. The daily gambling allowances are generous, and the interactivity on the blackjack table might be a boon for users looking to make new friends. The game optimization, on the other hand, is pretty shoddy, and the presentation leaves much to be desired. But if you're simply looking for gambling in short spurts without having to leave the Facebook community, you could do a lot worse.

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