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Poker players can make time for some poker plays

Zynga Poker boasts an inspired design and brand new features to satisfy even the ardent of fans of Texas Holdem'. It is perfect for beginners and experts, whether you're playing for fun with friends or prefer competing for chips with millions of players around the globe. You can download Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem app for free from Google Play. Players can also take part in Daily Challenges, which encourage players to be more active. For example, there are some challenges which require players to earn a certain number of chips while others require players to win with a particular hand. This is quite a nice touch, and it brings Zynga Poker in line with what other social poker apps are offering.

When it comes to gameplay, there isn't very much that is different from the original version. The buttons are a little more noticeable and the gameplay is a little smoother - but the difference isn't very noticeable. One new feature that we liked was the hand metre, which lets you know just how strong your hand is. However, it still seems that most of the makeover was applied to the graphics and social features. There are two types of currencies in Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem. The first one are your chips which you can use to play poker and the second one is casino gold which are premium and used on the slot machine in-game to win very large amount of chips if you are lucky.

You can earn casino chips simply by playing poker and winning but you cannot earn casino gold. You can purchase casino chips and casino gold with real money in the in-game store. Prices for the casino chips vary from $0,99 for the smallest package of $270.000 worth of chips up till $99,99 for the largest package of $336,000,000 worth of chips. Casino gold packages start at $1,99 for the smallest package of 10 casino gold up till $99,99 for the largest package of 830 casino gold. The first thing that you will notice about playing at Zynga is that it really is not all that realistic. Players do not play with any semblance of strategy when they play at Zynga.

The goal is to get as many fake money chips as possible and in many cases, it becomes an all-in fest. Would you shove with 9-2 after two raises ahead of you in a normal game? Hell no. Would six people go all-in in one hand in a live game? No. It happens frequently on Zynga. As for the flaws, well there are several. For starters it crashes almost every time I open it. When I open it a second time it works. This is kind of annoying. Not as annoying as when it crashes in the middle of a hand when I'm on the verge of a Flush. It doesn't crash all that often after I first open it, but when it does it always seems that I might have a good hand.

There also seems to be a bug in the sound sometime too, where it doubles up the noises. So when you hear the whoosh of someone folding, you actually get two whooshes in a row. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but this is super annoying too. Poker players can make time for some poker plays. If it is hard to find time for them, they can just try doing something else. To make time for them, they can try having mobile poker games. One like the Zynga Poker 1.13 will be very helpful.

In the game, the player has two options; he can play a tournament with eight or nine people or play tables with different blind amounts. Playing poker on the go makes this app even more attractive for many because of the ease, simplicity and increased interaction with different players.

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